Metropolitan Regional Information Systems – Keystone

The robust, reliable, and scalable Keystone

Client Profile

Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS) operates the largest online real estate network in the United States, providing services to over 80,000 licensed agents, brokers, and appraisers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.

The Challenge

Given the Cornerstone application, MRIS next planned for a web-based front-end that would be used by its customers for entering, editing, and maintaining real estate MLS listings. The underlying capabilities of Cornerstone, supporting many thousands of users in a 24/7/365 environment, had to be delivered via a robust, reliable, and scalable application: Keystone.

The objective of Keystone is to provide Realtors with the most productive, intuitive and feature rich Listings editor and management tool available in the industry.  While at the same time minimizing compliance and quality issues related to Listings while adding value to all participants.

Solution Highlights

Keystone is an industry leading listings management tool used by MRIS Realtor subscribers to manage their data. Keystone’s design was developed with extensive involvement of focus groups and with attention to every detail in order to produce the best product of its kind in the MLS industry.

Users enter sophisticated and extensive data about their listings, required for industry and regulatory compliance standards, and configure their multi-media materials (photos and videos) prior to publishing their listing for public access.

The Keystone architecture allows for a completely configurable listing, for both data and rules. This supports not only localization of data and rules, but also the ability for Keystone to be used on Cornerstone and other MLS databases.

Keystone uses a unique business rule engine which dynamically implements (in real-time) approx. 7,000 business rules, each of which is defined and maintained by the business.

Keystone runs in the MRIS data centers and integrates with MRIS Cornerstone via the industry standard RETS protocol.

Highlights of the solutions are:

  • Java 6
  • Oracle
  • Sencha Ext.js
  • Real Estate Transaction Standard (

Technologies Used

  • Oracle 11g
  • Linux
  • BEA WebLogic (with load balancing)
  • Clustered Servers
  • 2nd data center for real-time no-loss failover

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