BC Ministry of Forests

Integrated information from five Ministries via mobile devices for in the field workers.

Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resource Operations, Victoria, BC

Client Profile

BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operation’ mandate is to protect human health and safety, and maintain and restore the diversity of native species, ecosystems and habitats. Through partnerships across government, First Nations, the private sector, and communities, the Sector works to enhance the protection and stewardship of water and air resources, advance sustainable use of environmental resources, and provide exceptional outdoor park and wildlife services and opportunities

The Challenge

The objective of the project is to provide harmonized and integrated compliance verification and enforcement information management across 5 Ministries within the natural resources sector.  The solution needs to provide information for on the ground field officers via a mobile device which may be off network.  This project includes all Provincial natural resource sector agencies that have a statutory, regulatory, or authorization role for compliance verification and enforcement.

Solution Highlights

This solution is currently in development; T4Bi has completed the initial analysis and design.  The completed solution will provide on-the-ground field officers with the right information in their hands at the right time, regardless of the agency or organization.  The solution will allow for increased accountability and transparency by making meaningful information accessible to stakeholders and the public; and, increased public confidence in government’s oversight of natural resource use.  Specifically, higher rates of compliance with statutory, regulatory and authorization requirements will be realized.

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